Hosted Extension: Archive Extension is a set of extensible schemas that enables webmasters to embed structured data on their web pages for use by search engines and other applications. For more details, see the homepage.

This is the front page for the Archive Extension, whose short name is: archive

You are viewing a PROTOTYPE Archive Extension within It defines terms such as ArchiveCollection. For more details see the W3C Schema Architypes Community Group.

This should be considered a preview release; NOT YET PROPOSED TO

Terms defined or referenced in the 'archive' extension.

Types (10)
Archive, ArchiveCollection, ArchivedItem, BoxContainer, Container, CurationEvent, Document, FolderContainer, OwnershipType, Shelf

Properties (13)
accessAndUse, containedIn, contains, hasPart, isPartOf, itemCondition, itemDescription, itemLocation, itemProvenance, itemTransfer, ownedBy, ownershipType, typeOfGood

Enumeration values (5)
HasCustodyOwnership, HoldsTitleOwnership, OnLoanOwnership, Owns, TemporaryOwnership

  • host_ext: archive
  • myhost: None
  • myport: 80
  • mybasehost:
  • debugging: False